Family of Bruce International, Inc.


Family of Bruce International, Inc. is a non-profit organization established to create and promote kinship amongst its family members and to encourage interest in the Family of Bruce and its history. Membership is open to persons who qualify by surname, by descent, or by recognized septs: Carlysle, Carruthers, Crosbie, Randolph, and Stenhouse. It is the only such organization recognized by the hereditary chief of the Name of Bruce, The Right Honorable the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine.

Information on this organization was formed October 2005 from Bruce International (founded 1984) and Family of Bruce Society.

The Rt. Hon. The Earl of Elgin and Kincardine KT

Don Bruce, FSA Scot
Vice President
Robert James Bruce
Immediate past President
William Bruce, FSA Scot
Polly Bruce Tilford Membership Chairperson (non-board position)

Deborah Bruce Gottlieb, FSA Scot Editor, The Blue Lion (non-board position)

Operations Officer
Rodney Bruce

At-large Board Member
Gerald Cousins Sr.
Ex-Officio Board Members
Lieutenant to the Chief
Thomas Allen Bruce, CStJ, FSA Scot
Thomas Allen Bruce
High Commissioner
Richard Bruce, FSA Scot
Richard Bruce  
President Emeritus
Rex A. Bruce

Founded Bruce International, 1980, and loyal to our chief, Rt. Hon. Lord Elgin of Scotland.

Rex Bruce
Northern California
Joel Bruce
Joel Bruce
Southern California
Julie Goldsworth, FSA Scot
Julie Goldsworth
Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce
Marlo Alexander
Marlo Alexander
Deborah Bruce Gottlieb, FSA Scot
Vizi Caldwell

Upper Mid-WestWilliam Bruce, FSA Scot
Duputy Mid-West
Don Bruce, FSA Scot
Gerald Cousins Sr.
A lion statant with tail extended azure, armed and langued gules
The Crest and Arms belong to the chief and can only be used by him. Use of the Crest surrounded by a buckled belt is acceptable.
Or, a saltire and chief gules, on a canton argent a lion rampant azure
FUIMUS - We have been
Bruce shield

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