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On October 14, 2005, a general organizational meeting was conducted with members of the boards of directors of both the Family of Bruce Society in America and Bruce International, North America for the purpose of creating a single organization to represent the Family of Bruce. These talks were the culmination of diligent work by Thomas Allen Bruce, Lieutenant to the Chief of the Name of Bruce (a former President and member of the Board of Directors of Bruce International) and David V. Bruce, President of the Family of Bruce Society in America over the past couple of years. The result of this meeting was to create one new non-profit corporation, Family of Bruce International, Inc. This has allowed for a fresh start with a united focus of moving forward in our preservation and promotion of the Family of Bruce.

The current slate of officers encompasses members from both organizations with the President and Secretary coming from one, the Vice-President and Treasurer from the other. The current officers are:

John Carlisle, FSA (Scot) - President
David Bruce - Vice-President
Polly Tilford - Secretary
Steven Bruce - Treasurer
William Bruce - Operations Officer

As an organization dedicated to preserving our heritage, we must also preserve the efforts of those in our organizations that have preceded us. Toward that end, we would like to acknowledge with heartfelt thanks the work of Ernestine Firth, President Emeritus of Family of Bruce Society of America; Rex Bruce, President Emeritus and a founder of Bruce International; Paul Bruce, a founder of Bruce International; Mrs. Evelyn Murray, past editor of the Bannockburn, and all of the other officers, directors and commissioners who have served so ably in the past. We could not have come this far without their leadership over the years. We intend to build upon that foundation as go forward into the future.

The motto of the Name and Family of Bruce is Fuimus, "We have been." It is appropriate that an organization dedicated to preserving the heritage of this proud family should have this inward looking motto. However, as Lord Elgin, Chief of the Name and family of Bruce, so eloquently stated in his message to the persons tasked with uniting the organizations into one:

Honour past endeavors but our Name is our most vital possession. What Bruces achieve in years to come must be our pride. Let us note the past with heartfelt and joyous emotion but relish with enthusiasm the persistent values of our Name.

We Have Been! We Are! We Shall Be!

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